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Object Oriented Programming Concepts(Short notes-1)

Class Template representing entities with common state & behaviors ; passive
Object Instance of a class ; active
Abstraction Process of identifying minimum set of common characteristic of the entities to be represented
Encapsulation Process of combining state & behaviors into a self contained unit
Inheritance “is a” relationship(Generalization & Specialization)
Substitution Principle In class hierarchies it should be possible to treat specialized object as if it was base class object
Polymorphism Ability to take many forms when it form
Overloading Same method name with different signature
Overriding Same method name and signature with different implementation
Associations:- relationship
Inheritance “is a”  relationship
Composition “has a” relationship
Aggregation “whole part” relationship
Association simplest relationship
interface collection of methods without implementation
OOSystem System that consist with classes objects and relationships or interaction among them
OOAnalysis to identifying interaction between user and the system
OODesign process of providing an abstract solution for a given problem
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    July 2, 2012 at 5:20 am

    superb short note thanks

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