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Software Engineering(Short notes-1)

  • Software

Computer Program+Associative documents

  • Attribute of good SW:-
    • Maintainability

add component without change

    • Dependability


    • Efficiency

minimum # of resources uses

    • Usability

Usable for users

  • Difference between SW n other products

logical rather than physical;
doesn’t ware out ;
difficult to see progress;
developing or engineering not manufacturing

  • Software Engineering
It is a systematic,disciplined,quantifiable approach to development,operation and maintains of SW.
Software Process Set f activities that goal is to develop or evolution of SW.
Basic Steps:-  
Requirement Analysis & Specification Problem definition;
Requirement Analysis
Development Design system & code
Validation & Testing Check whether provide output as customer want
Documentation Manual & associated documents
Maintenance consider how to deal with newly discover problem or new requirement
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