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C#.Net (Short Notes)

  • no multiple inheritance
  • no pointers(insafe)
  • operator overloading
  • enumerations
  • preprocessor directives
  • CLR-The Common Language Runtime
    • It’s a framework layer the resides above the OS and handles the execution of all .net Applications
    • our .Net Applications


      Windows OS

  • MSIL-Microsoft Intermediate Language
    • OS & Hardware independence with cross language relationship
      .Net Code Language Compiler—> MISL
      Just In Time Compiler(JITler)—> Execution
      native code
  • FCL-The Framework Class Library
    • It contains thousands of classes to provide access to window API and common to common Data Structure,IO,Thread,Streams,Security and network programming
  • CLS-The Common Language Specification
    • It guaranteed to be usable in any other .Net Language
  • CTS-The Common Type System
    • Each .Net compliant language should map its data types to these standard data types
  • GC-Garbage Collection
    • Dynamically allocates memory space
  • The Visual Studio.Net IDE
    • IDE,Debugger,Project & Solution Explorer,Class, properties tab,tool box,standard menu and toolbars.
    • Our .Net Application:-WinForms, WebApp, Web services
      Data(ADO.Net) and XML Library
      Windows OS
  • Namespace in C#-simply a logical collection of related classes.
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