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Problem with WAMP Server

I have developed many sites with PHP with WAMP Server.So I thought I had some experience in WAMP.But after installing new WAMP Server I doubt about that.Because it was always offline.WAMP icon shows yellow it means some working but not all.Actually I could use MySQL but not PHP.I tried MySQL by left click Wamp icon->MySQL –>MySQL console it works.I search many blogs and most of says it might be due to Skype or IIS server but I didn’t have installed IIS and I checked by uninstalling Skype,still I got offline color.

Then I tried to stop some other related services in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools\Services or you can get that window  by right click MyComputer icon –>manage->Services and Application->Services if you are an administrator of that machine you can start or stop services on that list.But it doesn’t work for me.

I searched it again.Then I found one video with editing some code but it’s boring and so long to edit so I kept that away.after I found a article how to do that simply.just go to WAMP icon & left click->apache->services->test port 80  then I found “your port 80 is actually used by server microsoft-httpapi 2.0” so I found at last it was taken by some other process.So I did change the port no 80 to 81 it works for me.you can edit that one from editing httpd.conf in  WAMP icon & left click->apache->httpd.conf search listen 80 and edit that to 81.

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