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Beginner techies guide to Internet World

Thanks all who commented for last post.I know most of you don’t need that post but if you are an actual beginner it’s more useful and you can save your time for testing those basic things.


The term “Blog” is derived from Web log.These sites are useful to address internet community.They are listed as Social Network because Interaction of community and authors.Authors publish articles and readers comment to those articles.But not like other common Social Networks most of blogs address to special groups.It depends on What you write.If it’s a sport blog.Readers will be sport fans.If its your personal blog then readers will be your friends and followers.Sometimes no one reads blogs because its not worthy to anyone or cant find your blog URL.Why bloggers do this imgresblogging.Do they want to spent time for nothing ?. No.The main thing its big plus point if you are trying to join IT related industry.And also when we blogging we need to search many things so we can improve our knowledge from that.To become a good writer first you need to be a good reader.Not only that we can also earn from blogs by publishing ads in our blog.Google adsense is the famous one but there are many more similar once.

There are many free blog providers.I recommend  Blogger.com if you are a very beginner.It has a collection of themes and features.But I prefer imgreswordpress.com since it provides many plugins widgets and themes than blogger.Most people don’t write blogs because they have nothing to write.I can remember how did I post my first blog post.I was waiting and waiting.It took me nearly 6 months to write.I posted just some basic java code sample and its result.Usually you don’t find any interesting thing to post until you start your first one..!! Techies world isn’t wait for no one start today don’t delay it..!!! use following link to refer more about blogging..  http://rasikaonline.blogspot.com/

And also you can use blog posting sw like Livewriter that is a free imagesoftware to edit as MS Word and post your article.Remember no one can find you when you are posting with different name.So don’t worry about what you post.Just give a try.One last thing don’t copy articles itself.If you have to then publish source link as well.


Twitter.com is a micro blogging site which allow us to publish small post imgreswith at most 14o characters. The main advantage of this is you can stay touch with new technologies by following big heads of tech world.Even you can follow Bill Gates there without his permission.But you can hide your post from others by adding some privacy.
There are some rules in tweeting posts.you can notice some other person using  @tweeterusername tag(eg:@csupmag for this techzoom magazine)and if it’s a general term use #term(eg: #techzoom).Also another this if you want to retweet someones post use RT tag before post.And also you can connect it with Facebook account and can update fb status updates from twitter.First check some other tweeter accounts what they tweet and then decide what to tweet..!!!for more info use following links http://bit.ly/oxM3xN.
I think its better to stop this now.Please drop your questions comments and suggestions if you are interested about this post.I hope to give some special searching techniques in internet and some other techy stuffs in next post.
Until next post cheers..!!!
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