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Beginner Techies guide to Software Development Industry

Hi all, hope you are a new techy who is willing to join software industry in later. If so you are most welcome to read this one.

First thing, you should have a dream what is your ambition to be. You can google for available opportunities, corresponding responsibilities and salary scales in current computer related job market. Second, don’t neglect your current academic stuffs if you are studying in computer science related field. Because basics are the most important thing in many intern and initial interviews. There are students who got many qualifications but still waiting for a job.This is due to lack of preparation and ignore basics. If you are just start your academics in computer field. Start today; don’t waste your time. Try to understand everything you learn. There may be some theatricals boring parts. At least try to understand programming parts and practical.Don’t copy and paste in assignments and in home works. I know it’s very easy and we understand lot. But you miss errors and how to think in different problem situations.

Computer Language skills

There are myths about this in many students mind.

1 : You should know each and every language industry required. This is not so true. Sure companies need specialist in their development environment. It’s almost enough to learn similar technologies. For an example normally most of institute teach c/c++ or java. C# coding is much similar to java and most of programming concepts are similar except some advance parts. When you are competing for beginner level it’s enough to learn only one language but you must excel in that language.

2 : What language is the best one to study.

There are trending languages but it changes. You should keep in touch with that trending. There are many computer technologies related online magazines that publish posts about that. e.g. mashable.com If you are planning to do academic projects try to do with that language. It’s worth hundred time than reading a tutorial.

3 : Programming concepts

As I mentioned earlier basics are the most important. Algorithms and Data structures gives you confident for developing logics in given problem.Design patterns makes you perfect in designing programs and finding solution . Language is not a problem when  you know programming logics correctly. And you can learn any language within small time.

Hope this post will guide to beginner techies who is willing to join with software industries.

Until my next post cheers..!!!

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