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Solution for problem with starting MSDTC and Missing Local DTC in Windows 7

June 28, 2012 2 comments

When I tried to execute one of C# application that is using transaction scope, I found that i couldn’t start MSDTC service( I was using windows 7(64bit)).I tried following link and solved that problem.

link: .

Then I found that there are no Local DTC in MSDTC.(I checked with component services ( start->type component services)).I tried following steps too.But still no luck.(But hope sometimes it works).


1) Stop the Distributed Transaction Coordinator service in the Services Control Panel

2) At a command prompt run "msdtc -uninstall" without quotes. This removes the MSDTC service from the Services Control Panel and the associated service hive along with the CIDs and CID.Locals from the registry:


3) Skip this step if you want to preserve existing configuration, such as network transactions and other MSDTC security settings. Otherwise manually delete the following registry keys if they exist:


4) At a command prompt run "msdtc -install" without quotes. This reinstalls the MSDTC service and the 4 registry hives above.

5) At a command prompt run “msdtc –resetlog” without quotes

Then I browsed to C:\windows\System32\MSDTC folder but I couldn’t access that one.Next I reboot machine and logged in safe mode and deleted that folder and create new MSDTC folder.

Still I couldn’t found Local DTC.Then I stopped windows firewall service in services.msc and virus guard firewall service.Then I tried above steps.Eureka now it works fine. I found that it was happen due to some Microsoft updates.It’s not fair to forget the key factors in solving this.Thanks Dilshan and Kavinda bro’s.

Hope this one help you to solve your MSDTC problem.Until next post cheers..!!!

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How to share internet connection from laptop in Windows 7

May 25, 2011 Leave a comment

First need to setup adhoc network for that follow below steps

1)go to Network and Sharing Center

Control Panel->Network and Internet->Network and Sharing Center

or click on the network icon in the tray image or image then open Network and Sharing Center

2)choose manage wireless network 

or Control Panel\Network and Internet\Manage Wireless Networks

3)Add->create an adhoc network->next->set network name and set security type (for open connection select no authentication option)->next

Then need to share internet connection

1)right click on internet connection->properties->sharing->set allow and click ok

check whether wifi is on

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Problem with WAMP Server

May 12, 2011 Leave a comment

I have developed many sites with PHP with WAMP Server.So I thought I had some experience in WAMP.But after installing new WAMP Server I doubt about that.Because it was always offline.WAMP icon shows yellow it means some working but not all.Actually I could use MySQL but not PHP.I tried MySQL by left click Wamp icon->MySQL –>MySQL console it works.I search many blogs and most of says it might be due to Skype or IIS server but I didn’t have installed IIS and I checked by uninstalling Skype,still I got offline color.

Then I tried to stop some other related services in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools\Services or you can get that window  by right click MyComputer icon –>manage->Services and Application->Services if you are an administrator of that machine you can start or stop services on that list.But it doesn’t work for me.

I searched it again.Then I found one video with editing some code but it’s boring and so long to edit so I kept that away.after I found a article how to do that simply.just go to WAMP icon & left click->apache->services->test port 80  then I found “your port 80 is actually used by server microsoft-httpapi 2.0” so I found at last it was taken by some other process.So I did change the port no 80 to 81 it works for can edit that one from editing httpd.conf in  WAMP icon & left click->apache->httpd.conf search listen 80 and edit that to 81.

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