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Comparison of different computer languages

Characteristic PHP C++ Java C#.net
Founder Rasmus Lerdorf Bjarne Stroustrup Sun Microsystems Microsoft
Intended use Web, Server-side Application, System Application, Web Application,
Paradigm imperative, procedural, object-oriented, reflective imperative, procedural, object-oriented, generic imperative, object-oriented, generic, reflective imperative, object-oriented, functional,
Standardized? no 1998, ISO Yes, De-facto standard through the Java Language Specification 2000, ECMA, ISO
extension .php .c,.cpp .java .cs
object oriented yes yes yes yes
thread     yes yes
multiple inheritance   yes no no
platform-independent yes yes yes no
data pointer no yes no no
garbage collection   no yes yes
compiler no yes yes  
interpreter yes      
operator overloading     no  
generic functions     no  
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